List of projects:


To enhance the Eurofighter/Typhoon operational capabilities, providing a permanent forum to strengthen the network whilst identifying practical opportunities to promote combined familiarity, detect interoperability issues and develop and validate practical solutions in the Air Ops, Flight Safety and Maintenance domains. See more.

Eurofight TA

To provide a single multilateral framework within which Air Defence (AD) squadrons and AD controllers of participating Nations can train together, to improve operational capabilities and mutual understanding in AD activity. Please, find attached.

Red Forces

To establish an effective and efficient exchange of national Red Air Services and training enablers.

Air Warfare Symposium (AWS)

Establish a symposium as a means to share common upcoming challenges; training, exercise or operational shortfalls; operational and tactical level lessons learned, as well as to discuss interoperability issues amongst Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).


In order to bring the (MALE) RPAS community together, to enhance interoperability, increase knowledge and build a network of users, operators and planner the EAG is organising yearly (MALE) RPAS workshop and symposium. For the briefings from the 2022 symposium in Amsterdam, please click here.

ATS Deployable modules

To develop a common understanding about the best way to generate a standard Air Traffic Service deployable module for operations, able to provide a suitable and robust all-weather service, for both military and civilian air ops, conducted from a DOB under legal and flight safety umbrellas.


To establish a pool of TACEVAL evaluators who can assist other EAG countries in achieving NATO validation/certification and strengthen the level of interoperability in the operational, logistic and force protection domains.

CH47 User group

Improve interoperability between CH47 users aircrew and support staff.

Advanced Training & Exercise Master Plan (ATMP)

To enhance multinational training and improve interoperability through the synchronisation and coordination of national and multinational training and exercises, creating opportunities for pooling and sharing of resources, maximising training benefit and avoiding duplication, or confliction with dates.

Synthetic Training

To develop a common vision among the EAG Nations about the use of Synthetic Training for improving multinational interoperability between 4th and 5th Generation weapon systems.