List of projects:

CIS Tactical interoperability Platform

To improve the collaboration in the CIS domain during the preparation and execution of operations at a deployed location.

CIS CNS interoperability Platform

To enhance collaboration in deployable NAVAIDS/RADARAIDS/ATC TWR AIDS among EAG Nations


To enhance training and deployability of EAG CIS personnel.

Air Cyber Forum

To build trust in the Cyber domain between the EAG Air Forces and foster the exchange of information between the national Cyber SMEs.

Cyber Reference Manual

To promote and facilitate the sharing of Cyber-related information between the EAG Air Forces by providing a single document containing information on Cyber Training, Cyber Specialists Profiles and the EAG Nations’ Cyber Organisations.


To identify a project after identifying gaps in the use of datalink equipment between the EAG Nations Air Forces.