List of projects:


Supervision of all “Survive to Operate and Force Protection (STOX) TA” objectives: Promote and facilitate training & exercise, personnel & information exchanges. Increase the EAG nations’ capability to defend and protect themselves in both the conventional and nuclear, biological and chemical environment.


The aim of VOLCANEX FP C2 CPX is to familiarize and train EAG nations’ and partners’ FP personnel in CP functions and responsibilities based on relevant EAG and NATO FP products and documents, especially familiarising them with and the EAG FP C2 Handbook. Proof of the EAG FP C2 Handbook concept and improvement by SME feedback.

FP C2 Handbook

Support FP commanders and FP personnel on the operational-tactical level in FP HQs and FP CPs during exercises and operations.

AMPT Handbook

To improve and facilitate the EAG STOX TA Nations’ and wider air transport community’s interoperability to plan, prepare and execute AMPT support for fixed wing air transport operations.

FP CP Course

To generate and implement a standardised Force Protection (FP) CP course that enhances the interoperability by preparing FP personnel for working in a FP Command Post at a multinational Deployed Operating Base (DOB).

TTP Manual for C-sUAS

On the basis of EAG STOX TA Nations’ and international doctrines and directives to develop tactics, techniques and procedures within the scope for deployed Force Protection for Air Operations.

Common Terminology

Seek introduction of EAG-agreed terminology into the NATO Term Database.