The European Air Group (EAG) is governed by the EAG Steering Group (SG), comprised of the Chief of the Air Staff from each of the seven nations. They convene once a year to provide high-level direction and guidance on all matters relating to the EAG.

A Permanent Staff (PS) of 30 personnel – 24 officers and 6 NCOs – is established at RAF High Wycombe, United Kingdom. They are responsible for the execution and coordination of EAG activities in pursuit of the organisation’s objectives.

The EAG is headed by the Director EAG (DEAG), the Chief of the Air Staff of one of the EAG Nations. As he normally resides in his national headquarters, the EAG PS operates under the direction and guidance of the Deputy Director EAG (DDEAG), a 1-Star Air-Officer who is appointed as the senior permanent post on the EAG PS at High Wycombe.

The EAG PS is managed by the Chief Of Staff (COS) EAG, who supports the DDEAG by translating policies, directives and initiatives into detailed EAG staff projects, tasks and activities.

The EAG Working Group, consisting of working level representatives from each nation and chaired by the COS, oversees the work of the EAG Staff and provides mutual information and co-ordination between the participating nations. It meets a minimum of twice a year.

1-Star Point of Contacts (POC) within each nation provide higher level oversight of the work of the EAG within the seven Air Forces and ensure that the EAG projects, tasks and activities are being effectively supported by their nation. They are also the key national POC to the DDEAG.