Aim To identify TDL projects after identifying gaps in the use of datalink equipment between the EAG Nations Air Forces. Desired Outputs 1. Establish a strong network between EAG Data Link national specialists (PIF 1: CONNECTIVITY FORUM) 2. Develop projects proposed to Nations (PIF2: ATDLP) 3. Identify, monitor and address interoperability gaps in the current…

CIS Meeting

Aim: 1. To increase the CIS interoperability by reviewing in depth all CIS documents, prepare CIS Volcanex exercices and prepare the future in identifying new ways of development. 2. To promote Information and ideas sharing among the EAG CIS community. Desired Outputs: 1. CIS ToRs 2. VOLCANEX 3 years Plan 3. New projects identified 4.…

Cyber Reference Manual

Aim: To promote and facilitate the sharing of Cyber-related information between the EAG Air Forces by providing a single document containing information on Cyber Training, Cyber Specialists Profiles and the EAG Nations’ Cyber Organisations. Desired Outputs: 1. A Cyber Reference Manual updated; 2. New parts of development identified. Back to CIS and Cyber

Air Cyber Forum

Aim To build trust in the Cyber domain between the EAG Air Forces and foster the exchange of information between the national Cyber SMEs. Desired Outputs 1. Create Terms of Reference; 2. Establish a Stronger EAG Cyber community; 3. Identify New developments. Back to CIS and Cyber


Aim: 1. To enhance interoperability in the CIS domains: 2. To train CIS technicians in a multinational environment. 3. To update the CIS manuals.​ Desired Outputs: 1. Interoperability enhanced in all CIS domains; 2. CIS technicians trained in a multinational environment (to deploy and set up national CIS Infrastructure at remote locations) and new equipment…